Welcome to the Fools With Dreams Club.

It’s a group of people who stand for doing things differently, who challenge the status quo and make their own dreams or support others in reaching theirs.

While art often gets sold for €100 or even €1000 and more, I firmly believe in art being as accessible as possible. Unlocked. I believe that in order for artists to survive and create, their audiences have the power to step up and directly support them.

So I made the Fools With Dreams club. 

A group of people who support my mission of creating photos and stories through connections that can’t be measured.

Some may not be able to afford anything and choose to support me by spreading the news through word of mouth and that’s awesome, others support me with a monthly donation between a cup of coffee and a good dinner.

That’s why this club is built on a “give what you can” philosophy.

So if you find any joy and value in what I do, please consider becoming a Member of the Fools With Dreams Club. Independent on your contribution, I’m very grateful and as a way of showing that, I created some “thank you gifts”. Everyone will receive:

  • Good Karma.
  • A big big thank you.
  • Your name on the supporters list below.
  • A high-resolution photo ready for print with the story behind the photo each month.
  • A vote to decide on what image to share to the club the upcoming month.
  • Supporters discount on the upcoming FWD book.

And please know that each contribution goes to helping me create more of these stories and images. To cover the costs of hosting, lenses, pychologists,.. and much more I suggest a small help of €5/month, but by using the coupons below you can adjust this to your abilities.

  • onlylove (support €0: Even your mental support is appreciated.)
  • backtobasics (support €1: You’re supporting me, and that’s huge. Thank you!)
  • halfwaythere (support €2.5: You’re supporting me even more, and you are awesome.)
Become a supporter!

To handle all the technical stuff I use Gumroad. You can cancel anytime!


Eva Van Daalen
Johan Vriens (Rosario)
Gale Hobbs
Heleen Pope
Noël Peynshaert
Ole Davidsen
Robrecht Drees
Sabien Janssen
Sarah Van Looy
Silke Van Parys