I’ve been doing this project for almost 200 days now.

More than a half year of creating art, meeting interesting people, traveling, and intense emotions.

An ideal time thus for a moment of reflection, to refocus. To apply what I’ve learned and change what could be better. As I’ll be staying with some friends during this period you’ll see a bit less trades in August. I promise I’ll make it up to you.

So, what have I learned and what could be better?

First of all, I’ve learned that there are a lot of interesting people and projects out there. Most of them probably don’t even know they are so special (then again, that’s maybe one of the reasons they’re so interesting). Heck, even Fools With Dreams is itself incredibly interesting. The stories I could tell about what I encounter along the way, about the people who I stay with,.. would be enough to fill a whole book.

However, sadly, I’ve been very bad at telling these stories.

This could definitely be better!

So, from now on this will be the main change you’ll see:


Fools With Dreams isn’t about the photos, it’s about the people I trade with and the adventure itself. It’s about following your dreams and doing things differently. It’s about what happens when you step into the unknown.

The photos are merely a means.

Here’s how we’ll do better:

  • Blog posts (you’re reading one now), to give you a glimpse “behind the scenes” of Fools With Dreams. About how I get from A to B, the 10 most asked questions answered,..
  • Interviews with the people I trade with. (Do you like to interview people and want to help? Let me know!)
  • Regular updates on Facebook with “behind the scenes”, the story about some photos,..

I hope this will give you a better view on me and all those interesting fools. This is all totally new, so don’t hesitate to tell me if something sucks or could improve!

Some other things that will change from now on:


Trade updates will be posted each Thursday at 14h00 (here and on Facebook) from now on instead of random times. The newsletter will go out a little bit later.


From now on I’ll ask everyone to contribute a fixed €40 to cover travel costs (within Europe), whether the transport includes flying or just a short walk. So the deal changes to €40 + food & housing. This means:

  • Transparency for everyone, no surprises, and everyone contributes.
  • More flexibility and time-saving to organize my schedule.
  • It’s still a lot cheaper than hiring a regular photographer in your area.

To give you an idea, the average travel costs for my trades up till now was €36.3.


The minimum length of a trade will be 4 nights instead of 3.

  • I’ll get to know you better which leads to better images.
  • More time to make good photos.
  • Everyone will receive their images sooner because there will be more time to edit.


I’ll try my best to be closer to you. Be more open about the project and myself, and not be the introvert artist behind the lens.

That’s stepping out of my comfort zone. And all totally new for me..

So please, support me. Let me know how I’m doing, post your opinion in the comments, let me know how I could do better, share and like my posts, interact!

I’m sure we can be much more interesting than I.

Let me know in the comments below what else you think could be better, which questions you would like to see answered, or any other ideas you have!