Hi. I’m Maarten. Welcome to Fools With Dreams.

A visual and growing collection of Fools who make their own dreams.

I’m a self-taught 30 year old photographer from Belgium. A few months ago I quit my day job and sold my apartment to follow a dream. Since then I’ve been traveling from interesting story to interesting story without a real home base with my art & photography project Fools With Dreams. (Why I am doing this.)

With Fools with Dreams I create portraits and documentaries of/for interesting people and projects by trading my skills as a pro photographer. The only thing I ask in return is a place to sleep and food for some days, and transport to the location of the trade.

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Here’s how it works:

You’ll get:

  • a tailor-made photoshoot (whatever you need photographed)
  • the digital HiRes images we made
  • a lot of stories

In exchange for:

  • a comfy place to sleep (minimum 4 nights)
  • 3 meals a day (desserts are optional)
  • a bus/train/plane/zeppelin ride to your location

All we have to agree on is how long I’ll be staying, and what we’ll be shooting.

For example:

  • We spend a day photographing the awesome dishes you create as a chef, in exchange for 4 nights at your place.
  • For a few hours each day photographing your cosy B&B and your guests, I get to stay with you for 7 nights.
  • I take some portraits to put on the website you’re creating about your work as a novelist, you grant me your hospitality for 4 nights.

About the transport:

For getting me to your place I ask everyone to contribute a fixed €40 to cover travel costs (within Europe), whether the transport includes flying or just a short walk.

This means:

  • Transparency for everyone, no surprises, and everyone contributes.
  • More flexibility and time-saving to organize my schedule.

Pretty cheap compared to a regular photographer.

Fools With Dreams

€40 (Europe)
+4 days

Regular Photographer

1/2 day

Need some inspiration?

To give you some more ideas, you could be:

  • A young fashion label / designer who needs editorial images.
  • A jewelry designer in urgent need of package shots.
  • A bunch of friends that want your once in a lifetime roadtrip documented.
  • A loving couple that will get married soon.
  • A festival looking to document behind-the-scenes activity.
  • A b&b / coffeebar / .. that needs architecture photos.
  • A choreographer who wants to capture your creative process over time.
  • An event bureau that..
  • A startup that..

You get the idea!

Go crazy!

Want me to shoot for a few hours each day, take me along on your roadtrip or do multiple smaller trades to document something over a periode of time? We’ll figure it out!

You can even get some friends together to swap with me, or host me and give my photography services as a gift to someone else..

One last thing..

It would mean a lot to me if you could share this project with other interesting people you might know, whether you are able to swap with me or not. This way we can make this project a success together (and you can help me avoid starvation and/or homelessness!).

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Just occasionaly and 100% privacy, of course.