Fool 44 – Designcenter De Winkelhaak


There is always something happening at De Winkelhaak in the center of Antwerp. Whether it’s a workshop, the general buzz of the creative people who have their offices there or the cosy coffee bar. Moreover, I got to stay with Noël (and his dog Dusty, like the artist) who lives just across the street so I could literally crawl “to work”.

I got a carte blanche to capture everything how I saw it, which is probably every photographers dream. So, expect some arty photos thanks to the design of the building full of glass, hard lines, and inspiring people.


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Hello, I'm Maarten.

With Fools With Dreams I travel the world by trading my services as a pro photographer for a warm place to sleep, some food and a (zeppelin) ride to the next location with those who are following their dreams, those who are called fools by those who don’t know.

"Maarten has a unique and bold technical execution of his images"

- LensCulture -

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