Fool 41 – Kries Hoornaert


[This trade is part of a series I’m doing in cooperation with Vrijstaat O in Ostend for their Chambres d’O festival. I will document the lives of a few people living in Ostend, the result will be exhibited during the festival.]

Kriesje (as she likes to be called) is a busy woman involved in many things. I got to follow her all over Ostend from activities such as the Ostend Film Festival, a local protest organized by her boyfriend and a chill day on the beach during the heatwave. Even when she made a nasty fall and had to walk on crutches for a few days she didn’t slow down one bit.


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Hello, I'm Maarten.

With Fools With Dreams I travel the world by trading my services as a pro photographer for a warm place to sleep, some food and a (zeppelin) ride to the next location with those who are following their dreams, those who are called fools by those who don’t know.

"Maarten has a unique and bold technical execution of his images"

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