Let me get this straight. In return for a comfy place to sleep, some good meals and a ride over here you’ll take some photographs for me?

Yup! No money, contracts or other stuff like that. Just life’s basic things in exchange for me, my camera and a smile. And I’m not expecting the royal treatment either. A spare room, some help getting me near you and your world famous recipe will be perfect.

But, why?

Good question! Mostly because I’m an idealistic, romantic fool. More about that here (including a manifesto!).

So you only trade for a bed, some food & transportation?

Generally, yes. Having a place to sleep and something to eat are pretty essential. However, as long as that’s ok I’m open to suggestions. Want to sweeten the deal or have an irresistible proposal? Shoot it my way!

Why do you want to stay at least 4 nights?

That way I can get to know you better (which leads to better images). Besides, it gives me some time to settle in, explore the neighbourhood and edit the images we made. Currently, people let me stay for 5 to 6 nights on average.

Will we be shooting the whole time you’re here?

I wish we could, but even fools like me need some rest. Depending on what you need photographed, and how long I’m staying we could shoot everything in one go or spread it out over multiple days.

Do I get to choose what you photograph?

Of course! Just email me your idea and we’ll figure it out. As long as we’re both happy with the concept, anything goes.

When will I get the photographs?

As fast as possible! Depending on the amount of trades it could be anywhere between the next day and 2 weeks at most. Need something urgently Just let me know in advance so I can take that into account.

Cool, but I live in a galaxy country far far away. Now what?

If you don’t have the means to get me there you can gather some other people who want to trade and get me there together.

If I could only figure out what I want to have photographed..

Need some inspiration? Find some examples here, or subscribe to the newsletter where you’ll get occasional updates about the latest trades. Once that has sparked an idea, just get in touch!

I don’t know about trading (yet). Any other ways I can help?

Yes! It would be awesome if you could tell your friends, family, co-workers, random people,.. pretty much everybody about this project! Eternal gratitude will be yours.

What material are you using?

The awesome people at Nikon were so kind to lend me some material during my adventure. I travel light with a few prime lenses (24, 50, 85, 135mm), a zoom (16-35mm) and my trusted Nikon D800.

I read somewhere you eat Paleo. What does it mean?

You can read more about it here. Generally it means I try not to eat grains, anything refined or.. But don’t worry, while I appreciate it if you try to take it into account I won’t mind if you serve me something else.