The Fools With Dreams Book

A year of living from trade, told through images, interviews and stories.

The Book

The book will be a unique visual collection of 62 fools and their projects, as well as my own story during the project. Designed by SUPERSERIEUS, with text by Sara Theunynck it features 3500+ (!) full-color photos spread out over 250+ pages, as well as 1 framable print per trade.

So.. it’s a book of photos?

While the Fools With Dreams book is filled with beautiful photos and prints (which makes for endless discovery), it’s especially about the stories these images tell. Like a visual diary of experiences.

It’s a 250-page, enduring accessible record of what and how I saw for a year, accompanied by interviews with the fools and short essays about life along the way. An intimate glimpse into the life of a photographer, and as such, into the life and dreams of the 62 fools in the book.

How to get it

For the past few months we’ve been working hard to craft a gorgeous book that perfectly blends photography and storytelling into an interesting physical object.

To bring the book to life, and create a first edition print run we did a successful crowdfunding campaign raising €11.194 in 3 weeks.

To stay updated on the launch & presales, leave your email below and we’ll get in touch! (Release: October 2017)