In this series I’ll try to answer the 10 questions I get asked most about this project. From “What do you do when you have no trade?” to “Don’t you miss having your own place?”, these questions pop up all the time (I almost created a bingo card for it). Have any more questions you want answered, let me know in the comments below!

1: What do you do when you have no trade?
2: How long are you planning to do this?

Trading has been around almost as long as humans exist.

So I haven’t really invented the wheel again. There are even a lot of people trading their skills in some kind of form for food and housing, and WWOOFing is pretty popular as well. I’ve read stories about musicians and designers and copywriters who traveled like this, so like I said, nothing new there.

But I mainly was struggling with the following things:

  • I’ve had been a photographer as a side job for a while, but I began getting more and more assignments and didn’t have enough time besides my main job anymore to prepare, shoot and edit everything so I began looking for ways to be able to shoot more.
  • In creative industries, people try to put you in tight sectors (like fashion photographer, event, architecture,..) but I wanted to do all kinds of different things. I Like the change and think it keeps you sharp.
  • I wanted to travel more.
  • Most importantly: I think photography is becoming too much of a “snapshot thing” with more and more people having cameras and the rise of Instagram. I wanted to bring back the story behind the images, and create series that go together. Furthermore, photography is about people so living with them enables me to get close and get behind the “facade”.

So, one day when I was sitting in a coffee bar with a few friends discussing the problems of “normal working life” the rough idea jokingly came up (“hey, maybe I should just give everything up and trade with people). I laughed it away at the time, and even my friends who were used to me doing crazy stuff never thought I would do it.

But the idea got stuck in my head.

I began researching some stuff, and the more I thought about it the more sense it made. After all, the worst that could happen would be giving up my corporate job, something I wouldn’t be doing very long anyway. The possible advantages, on the other hand, were huge.

It took me a few months to get everything sorted out (coming up with a name, creating a website, checking my sanity,..) but Fools With Dreams was born.

I never regretted it since..